Emerge From Failure to Flourishing

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Learn the secrets, the strategies, and the steps to take you from a place of failure in your life, in your business, in your relationships, to a place of flourishing

Life does not happen to you.
Life happens for you.

Finding Purpose In The Pain

  • You have a specific purpose that is sacred, that is precious. There's nothing more important than that.
  • ​​You know how valuable you are. You've got to stop that horrible voice in the back of your head that says that you're worthless.
  • Stop focusing on what's wrong, and start focusing on what's strong. Move from weakness to strength.
  • Get around people who support you.

Failure is typical

I have no doubt there's someone right now reading this, and you think you’re the only one who's ever failed, the only one who's ever struggled, the only one who doesn't know what your next steps are. I’ve got great news for you. You're not the only one.

We've all failed. Failure isn’t typical, then you can stop beating yourself up over it. You can give yourself permission to fail. That your identity, your sense of worth, your sense of value isn't all caught up in you being perfect, because that's silly.

You need to focus

What's the thing that you are supposed to be doing, not just to benefit yourself, but to benefit other people?
  • ​​What's your purpose?
  • ​What is your destiny?
  • ​What is your calling?
  • ​What is your mission?

How To Recover When You Lose It All..

You Need To Forgive

You Need To Focus

You Need A Framework

What our community say

“With the consistent support of the community and its leaders I have been able to build myself up rather than breaking myself down. Through the connections and surrounding myself with the environment where others are on their journey of development has motivated me to keep going. The vulnerability and acceptance has been a great support through every step this year. Every time I am having a period where I am feeling down, I have plenty of resources and people I can access at the tip of my fingers.”

~ Dora M.
My experience has been nothing but positive. The courses are comprehensive and thorough and always include powerful experiential learning opportunities. The leadership is very community and relationship focused. Their approach is heart-centered and authentic, and it totally filters down throughout a coaching community that I am very grateful to be a part of.

~ Catherine T.
“Joining Flourishing has given me courage to step up and out of my comfort zone. It has allowed me to believe what is possible. I’ve been surrounded and encouraged to move into my dreams while being protected from nay-sayers. The tribe lifts me up. I’ve actually set a goal and met it for over the first time in over a decade! I’ve been free to be me and to be vulnerable to grow. Surrounding myself with others who are wanting to accomplish their dreams has lifted me up along the way.”

~ Terri Kim C.M.
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